My First Post - Intro to Burly American

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My First Post - Intro to Burly American

Welcome to Burly American Trading Company! My goal in creating a fitness t-shirt company was to create and sell shirts that look great and motivate me to give my all in every single workout. In this first post, I want to tell you how I got here and hopefully provide some motivation to get you where you want to be with your fitness goals.

This all may sound a little pretentious but quite frankly, I don't care. My story is not special, I am an average American man with the same worries and responsibilities as most of you. I have become obsessed with fitness. It is a slow process and will always be ongoing and evolving as my goals change but the concept is the same; put in the work, do the research, change your habits, push yourself outside your comfort zone to accomplish your goals. 

Six years ago I was in terrible shape. I would get winded walking up steps or playing with the dogs. I'd wake up with aches and pains from sleeping in a different position and forcing unused muscles to adapt. My daughter, a year old, was starting to walk and I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be chasing her around the yard and help her practice for sports. This was my first source of motivation.

I started hitting the gym. I had no idea what I was doing. I changed my workout routine weekly, sometimes daily. I didn't pay attention to what I was eating, hell, I didn't even understand how food effected my body. But I started to see small changes. Some fat started falling off, I was starting to feel a little looser and more energetic throughout the day. I stuck with it. I researched diets, exercises, any articles I could find to satiate my curiosity with fitness and the human body. I kept learning. I kept achieving. YOU CAN TOO!

I have achieved many of my goals over the last six years (lost fat, improved cardio, improved strength) but I'm not done yet. If you've read this far then I'm going to assume we share the same desire to improve ourselves. I hope that our gear can provide you with a little bit of motivation that will help you achieve your goals but ultimately your motivation will have to come from somewhere in you.

I look forward to hearing any comments on this post or those to come as well as the website and products. Leave comments below or contact us at

Continue to push yourself and stay BURLY!!!





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