Why Not?

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Why Not?

All of us have had moments when we were told we couldn’t do something. Most of those moments, at least for me, have come from myself. I could never learn how to do that, I could never be that strong, I could never be that disciplined. One strategy that I’ve found helps, is to ask - why not?

Why not? That question with some serious self reflection is how I’ve identified obstacles to my goals and how to overcome them.

I could never lose that much weight! Why not? I don’t have time. Why not? Because I have to get up early to go to work. Do you have time before or after work? Well I have to get up at 5:00 AM to get to work. Could you get up earlier? I could but then I wouldn’t get enough sleep. Could you go to bed earlier? Well...yeah but then I’d miss my show. Is it really that important!?

Following this train of thought and being honest with myself has led me to make changes in my daily routine. Those changes eventually become habits and those habits help me to achieve my goals.

You can’t find motivation to make the changes you want to make? Why not?

Continue to push yourself and stay BURLY!!!



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